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Gordons Pond Trail, located in Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware, offers a fantastic biking experience with stunning views and a variety of natural landscapes. The trail stretches for approximately 3.2 miles one way, connecting Lewes and Rehoboth Beach. It traverses through salt marshes, coastal maritime forests, and sandy dunes, making it a scenic route for cyclists, hikers, and bird watchers alike.

Trail Highlights:

  1. Scenic Views: The trail skirts the western side of Gordons Pond, a 900-acre saltwater lagoon, offering breathtaking views of the pond and its surrounding wildlife. Elevated boardwalks along the route provide excellent vantage points for observing birds and other wildlife.
  2. Trail Surface and Difficulty: The trail is primarily made of crushed gravel, with sections of an elevated boardwalk. It is considered an easy trail, suitable for all skill levels. The crushed gravel path ensures a smooth ride, while the boardwalk sections offer a unique experience as you pedal above the marshes.
  3. Access Points: The trail can be accessed from two main points: the Gordons Pond Parking area in Rehoboth Beach and the Herring Point Parking area in Lewes. Both access points offer ample parking and easy entry to the trail.
  4. Wildlife and Bird Watching: Gordons Pond is known as a migration superhighway for waterfowl, making it a prime spot for bird watchers. The trail’s diverse habitats support a wide range of bird species, especially during migration seasons.
  5. Historical Sites: Along the trail, you can spot WWII observation towers, adding a historical element to your ride. These towers were part of the coastal defense system during the war and now serve as intriguing landmarks.
  6. Connecting Trails: For those looking for a longer ride, the Gordons Pond Trail can be linked with the Junction & Breakwater Trail, creating a loop that offers even more exploration opportunities. This connection allows for a continuous biking experience through some of the most picturesque areas of Southern Delaware.

Tips for Biking Gordons Pond Trail:

  • Bring Water: The trail is exposed to the sun in many areas, so it’s important to stay hydrated, especially during hot weather.
  • Respect Wildlife: The trail passes through sensitive wildlife habitats, so it’s important to stay on the path and observe wildlife from a distance.
  • Bike Maintenance Stations: There are bike fix-it stations at both ends of the trail, equipped with air pumps and tools for minor repairs.

For more information on the Gordons Pond Trail, you can visit the Delaware Greenways website or the Delmarva Trails and Waterways site.