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Concierge Medicine at Delaware Beaches

Concierge medicine, a proactive approach to healthcare, is gaining traction in the Delaware beaches area, offering personalized and comprehensive care.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

  • Personalized Care: Concierge doctors typically manage fewer patients, leading to more individualized care.
  • Longer Appointments: Allows for in-depth consultations and comprehensive health evaluations.
  • Proactive Healthcare: Focus on preventive strategies rather than reactive treatment.
  • Stronger Doctor-Patient Relationships: Enhanced understanding of patient health histories and needs.
  • Direct Access: Often includes same-day appointments and direct communication lines with physicians.
  • Holistic Approach: Emphasis on treating the whole person, integrating physical, mental, and emotional health aspects.

These benefits are rooted in the core philosophy of concierge medicine to provide more attentive and accessible healthcare, in contrast to the often hurried and fragmented nature of traditional medical practices. For more detailed information, the following resources provide insights into the concierge medicine model:

Notable Concierge Doctors and Facilities in the Region

Concierge medicine, a proactive approach to healthcare, is gaining traction in the Delaware beaches area, offering personalized and comprehensive care. Here’s an overview of some notable concierge doctors and facilities in this region:

  1. Dr. Bobby Gulab – Core Concierge Health: A native of Sussex County, Dr. Gulab holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from Ross University School of Medicine and an MBA with a concentration in healthcare from the University of Delaware. His expertise spans community health, wellness, hospitalized care, and primary care. He completed his residency in internal medicine at Christiana Care Health System​​. Learn More about Concierge Health in Rehoboth Beach > Concierge healthcare delaware beaches
  2. Dr. Kathryn Grinnen – Core Concierge Health: Dr. Grinnen, a board-certified internal medicine physician, emphasizes wellness and preventative care. She completed her DO from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and her residency in internal medicine at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. Her focus is on comprehensive primary care, with a personalized experience for each patient​​.
  3. Dr. Uday Jani – Membership Medicine: Based in Milton, DE, Dr. Jani blends traditional, integrative, and functional medicine to treat body, mind, and spirit. He has been recognized as a Distinguished Physician Leader in Concierge Medicine by Concierge Medicine Today and has earned spots on Delaware Today’s prestigious list of the state’s top doctors in both integrative and internal medicine​​. Learn More about Dr. Uday Jani >

For more detailed information and to contact these healthcare providers, you can visit their respective websites:

These concierge providers stand out for their focus on personalized, proactive care, distinguished educational and professional backgrounds, and commitment to community health and wellness.

As of November 2023, there are only a few doctors and practices that offer a membership-based, concierge healthcare in and around the beach area, but we will be updating this post as more become available. Please contact us if you would like to add additional options to our list for the community. 


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