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Delaware Drive on Beach Reservation and Surf Fishing Reservation

This article overviews the Delaware Beaches Drive On Fishing reservation system, guidelines, how it works, and more

First and foremost – the reservation system can be accessed here, assuming that’s what you’re looking for, here you go!  Good luck, and God Speed.

  • Reservations go fast… Read info below to read the cliff notes on the rules/how it works, etc. 

Delaware state park drive on reservation system booked

For all other information about the system, and the drive on beaches/rules, read on! 

Quick Link: General information about the Delaware drive on beaches >

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Daily Reservation Details and Requirements

Advanced Daily Entrance Reservations are required for drive-on multi-use beaches weekends & holidays beginning May 20, 2023 – Labor Day, 8am-4pm only. Holiday dates: May 29, June 19, July 4, Sept 4.

The reservation system will open for reservations beginning Tuesday, May 16 for reservations starting on May 20 and continue through peak season ending on Labor Day.

Reservations will open weekly for the upcoming weekend only. Reservations will be first-come, first-served.

Reservation Window opens: Tuesdays at 11am for Saturdays, Wednesday at 11am for Sundays, Thursdays at 11am for Holidays.

-Valid 1yr or 2yr Surf Fishing Permit must be obtained prior to booking a reservation.
-Not valid with an Off Peak Surf Fishing Permit.
-Surf permit number and license plate, make and model required when placing a reservation.
-Number of spots limited and subject to change based on beach conditions and use.
-Not required for walk-on access.

Reservations will be limited to 1 per customer account per day.

–If you have more than 1 Surf Fishing Permit and would like to use the vehicles on the same day, each DRIVER will need to book their own reservation under their own customer account.

Questions and Answers About Reservations

Additional surf fishing permit-related questions and input can be emailed to

Question: Why can’t Delaware residents get priority reservations for surf fishing permits?

Answer: The U.S. Land & Water Conservation Fund has provided funding to the Division of Parks and Recreation, which is required to uphold non-discriminatory policies towards residency status. This means that any reservation, membership or annual permit systems available to residents must also be equally accessible to non-residents, without any preferential treatment or benefits. Moreover, the availability period for these systems must be identical for both state residents and non-residents, ensuring that no one receives any unfair advantage

Question: What are the guidelines for the Annual and Two-Year Surf Fishing Permit reservation system?

Answer: For Annual and Two-Year Surf Fishing Permits, reservations will be required on Saturdays and Sundays starting the third weekend in May through Labor Day, and on four summer holidays (Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Fourth of July, Labor Day). During these times, annual and two-year surf fishing permit holders are permitted to fish on the beach only with a reservation. • One reservation will be allowed per annual and two-year surf permit holder per day. Reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Question: How will the new reservation system work for those with Annual and Two-Year Surf Fishing Permits?

The exact workings of the new reservation system for holders of Annual and Two-Year Surf Fishing Permits are still being finalized. However, preliminary plans suggest that peak-period reservations will be accessible through both desktop and mobile devices as well as via the DNREC Division of Parks and Recreation call center. It will not be possible to make reservations in person at state parks or at the DNREC Central Office in Dover. Those who make a reservation will be required to print out and display the reservation in their vehicle for verification purposes. Weekend reservations will become available on a weekly basis and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations will be made midweek for the coming weekend, including holidays, and no exceptions will be granted for any permit type.

Question: Where will reservations be required for surf fishing permit anglers?

Answer: During summer weekends and holidays, reservations will be required at all Delaware drive-on multi-use state park beaches. There will be seven reservable surf fishing beach crossing locations:
• Beach Plum Island
• Cape Henlopen – Gordons Pond and Herring Point
• Cape Henlopen – Navy Crossing
• Cape Henlopen – Point Crossing
• Delaware Seashore – South 3Rs
• Delaware Seashore – Key Box/Conquest/Faithful Steward
• Fenwick Island – York/Middle/South

Question: If we have to reserve our spot for a specific beach, can we reserve a specific spot on the beach?

Answer: No. Definitely not, sorry. Each location will have a limited number of reservations available.

Question: During peak times, what times will a reservation be required for Annual and Two-Year Surf Fishing Permits?

Answer: Reservations will be required on Saturdays and Sundays starting the third weekend in May through Labor Day, and on four summer holidays (Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Fourth or July, Labor Day). Reservations can be made through 4 p.m. on the day of use, if space allows. Specific details will be available to the public before the new system goes live. Annual and two-year surf fishing permit holders can access the beach without a reservation on weekends and holidays after 4 p.m. but must be off the beach by 8 a.m. the next morning.

Question: What happens if reservation holders are “no-shows” and there is obvious excess capacity?

Answer: Too bad, sorry – the spot will continue to be held for those with reservations and that permit holder can show up any time during their reservation period. A reservation is non-refundable and non-transferable.


If you didn’t read this above, here you go:

The reservation system will launch in May 2023 – assuming that’s what everyone is talking about, and looking for. We’ll update this article with the link once we get it. In the meantime

Quick Link: General information about the Delaware drive on beaches >

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Questions and Answers About Reservations

Additional surf fishing permit-related questions and input can be emailed to

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