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Health Updates from Atracare in Delaware Beaches

Memo: This guest blog post has been provided by William Albanese, CEO of Atracare, in collaboration with The information below includes important health updates relevant to the Delaware Beaches community as of March 1, 2024.

Update on Tetanus Vaccine Shortages

  • MassBiologics has ceased production of TdVax, their Td vaccine.
  • Sanofi’s Tenivac is available, but increased production will take time.
  • The CDC is rationing the remaining Td vaccine doses.
  • Tdap vaccine can be used as an alternative to Td in most cases.
  • Further details are available on the CDC’s Current Vaccine Shortages and Delays page.

CDC Shortens Isolation Period for People with COVID

  • Individuals with COVID-19 may resume daily activities earlier if symptoms improve and no fever is present.
  • This supersedes the previous five-day isolation guideline before returning to work or school.
  • A fever-free period of 24 hours without medication is required, along with symptom improvement.
  • The CDC advises continued caution, including limited contact, mask wearing, and hygiene practices.
  • The new guideline applies to all respiratory illnesses, streamlining compliance.

Delaware Health Advisory – Preventing Congenital Syphilis

  • DPH highlights the need for timely syphilis screening and treatment in pregnant individuals.
  • There’s a shortage of penicillin G benzathine, the recommended syphilis treatment during pregnancy.
  • DPH confirms the availability of limited doses of this medication for pregnant patients.
  • More information is available in Health Advisory Notice #510.

Snapshot Statistics: DE Key Health Indicators (sourced from CDC).

key health indicators
Fertility Rate 56.5 (births per 1,000 women 15-44 years of age)
Teen Birth Rate 13.5 (births per 1,000 females 15-19 years of age)
Infant Mortality Rate 4.77 (infant deaths per 1,000 live births)
Life Expectancy (at Birth) 76.7 years (2020)
Marriage Rate 4.9 (marriages per 1,000)
Divorce Rate 2.6 (divorces per 1,000)
Leading Cause of Death Heart Disease
Drug Overdose Death Rate 54.0 (per 100,000)¹
Firearm Death Rate 16.6 (per 100,000)¹
Homicide Rate 11.3 (per 100,000)¹
COVID-19 Death Rate (Q4, 2022) 16.2 (per 100,000)²