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IV Nutrition Now

This clinic provides specialized injections such as “Magic Mom” and “Dynamic Dad,” focusing on metabolism, energy, and immune health. Custom formulations are available based on individual health goals.

IV Drip Bar

Offering treatments like “Too Much Booze” and “Too Much Sun,” Revive IV Therapy caters to various needs of beachgoers. They emphasize efficient nutrient absorption and offer at-home services for eventsii.

Cold & Flu /
 Fatigue or Jetlag
 / Athletic Overexertion /
 Stomach Bug / Alcohol Overindulgence
 / Dry Skin & Brittle Hair /
 Instant Rehydration / Boost Energy Levels
 / Mental Clarity and Cognitive Function /
 Immune Health

Delaware Integrative Medicine

They offer therapies for age management, nutrition, and wellness. Treatments include IV Nutrient Therapy, Peptide Therapy, and sexual wellness treatments like the V-Shot and P-Shot.

Delaware Integrative Medicine

Restore Your Glow

Restore Your Glow, we offer several IV solutions to choose from, which can be customized to help boost energy, enhance the immune system, aid in athletic recovery and performance, enhance inner beauty and much more.

  • Immunity Booster: May strengthen your immune system and feel better faster
  • Glow and GrowFight aging from the inside out – hair, skin & nails
  • Road Runner:  May decrease recovery time and enhance your athletic performance
  • All NighterHelps to ease symptoms of overindulgence – headache, nausea & dehydration

Good luck on your quest for hydration!