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Ahoy there, fellow adventure seekers and melody enthusiasts! Are you ready to set sail on a journey filled with rhythm and waves? Well, batten down the hatches because the Cape May-Lewes Ferry isn’t just about traversing the aquatic divide – it’s a floating fiesta of tunes and fun!

Summer Jamboree on the High Seas! Think of the ferry as your personal concert hall, cruising between Cape May and Lewes. Here’s the scoop on what’s happening:

1. Lawn Concerts: Picture this – balmy summer evenings, the grass beneath your feet, and the air filled with melodies. Both Cape May and Lewes terminals transform into outdoor concert arenas. Free concerts in Cape May and ticketed events in Lewes by Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen make for perfect summer nights.

2. Rock the Boat: Ready to rock the boat? Literally! Catch Delaware’s Premier Rock n’ Roll Party Band, Glass Onion, on select Friday afternoons. It’s a musical voyage you won’t forget!

3. **Live Music Venues:** At Grain On the Rocks (Lewes Terminal) and Boat Drinks (Cape May Terminal), prepare for an eclectic mix of tunes that will keep your spirits high and your feet tapping.

In short, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry is more than a passage across the bay; it’s your summer hotspot for music, fun, and sea breezes. Check out their website for more information: [Cape May-Lewes Ferry Entertainment]( Let the good times roll, or should I say, sail! ????⚓????

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