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Picking a Perfect Picnic Spot

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What’s better than a picnic on a lovely day? Somehow, the food and beverages taste better when you are outdoors with friends, family or that special someone.

Pack up those sandwiches and plan a day at one of the many scenic sites nearby.

Beach Plum Island State Park 

A genuine gem, Beach Plum Island has its own unique atmosphere. It is at once an authentic community and a testament to how Delaware takes care of its land and bay. This rural area boasts more birds than people in many places, so enjoy your picnic here in the company of DE’s stunning waterfowl (and friendly people too).

Cape Henlopen State Park 

This treasure keeps coming up as one of the most stunning parks Delaware has to offer. It will not disappoint! Picnicking, hiking, biking, birding, walking – you name it – this state park may as well be a national park (although it might serve us locals better to keep it a secret). There are plenty of picnic sneaks!

There’s plenty of picnic tables at the fishing pier. Or you can enjoy your basket on its beautiful beaches. Near the entrance to the Gordons Pond trail (bikes, trailblazers and dogs are all welcome), there’s plenty of parking and tables just steps from the beach. Enjoy getting lost as you look for the perfect spot to spread your blanket. (Just remember, it’s carry in, carry out. So don’t forget a trash bag!)

Lake Gerar

Just a few blocks from the beach and boardwalk of Rehoboth, Lake Gerar offers shade and a chance to relax while enjoying its 15-acre freshwater lake. Pack your basket, take a blanket, and watch waterfowl. Or, you can cast a line and fish from the pier! Bring the grandkids – there’s a lovely playground on site. At Lake Gerar, you can make a family day, and take a temporary break from the beach while still being close.


Killens Pond State Park

A short drive north from Rehoboth and LewWhether you are looking for beach, a wooded escape from the sun, or a lakeview spot facing a lake, there a surprising number of terrific destinations for an outdoor, Killens Pond offers incredibly diverse recreational opportunities beyond just the picnic. Pavilions are available for rent and include tables, and there are other picnic areas as well. Explore the pond by kayak, or take the family to the park’s unique water park. Killens is a definite must-visit destination!



Holts Landing State Park

After your bayside picnic with breathtaking views of the Indian River Bay, choose from hiking the Seahawk Trail or enjoy the park’s beautiful fishing pier specifically designed for the art of crabbing. If you kayak, be sure to check out the bay’s famously boat-friendly waters. If you boat, Holts Landing offers the area’s only 24-hour boat ramp, so fishing enthusiasts can get and early (or late) start! Mussels and clams abound, and people are encouraged to wade the waters in search of them.

Mill Pond Garden 

If you are looking for an interesting change of pace from the beachfront scene, look no further than Mill Pond Garden, a haven for all of us, but especially for those who love flora and fauna not often seen at the coast. This gem offers us a glimpse into the beauty of Delaware’s natural plants. Fill your basket full, clear your calendar, and lose yourself in the landscape… at least for a serene afternoon break.

Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Whether you are a birder or not, Prime Hook is a prime location for an outing that is serene and scenic. With plenty of picnic tables and family-friendly trails to explore, you can be assured to discover species of birds you’ve likely never seen before. The refuge gets rave reviews for its unique marshland environment and opportunities to appreciate and learn about migratory birds and the importance of preserving their environment. Just remember to bring your binoculars and sunscreen!

Stango Park 

Nerd alert. Stango Park is right by the Lewes Public Library, which means many people find it wandering by or taking advantage of the free concerts on the adjacent lawn during summer evenings.

This park offers a great stopping point for a picnic as you make a day of it. A short drive to Lewes Beach or you can park your bike. The Georgetown-Lewes trail is right there, so if you are coming from other trail destinations, you can certainly have a delightful picnic at Stango Park, (named for Al Stango, Lewes’ charismatic former-mayor).  So whether you plan your picnic around a local concert, stop off for lunch after a hike, or use it as a spring-board for a day at the beach, your options are wide open.

While these are our favorites, they’re definitely only the tip of the iceberg. When out-of-town guests come, you’re never stuck for options to enjoy the great outdoors. You’ve picked a great state to call home–full of great reasons to LOVE LIVING HERE! Whether you are looking for beach-side spot, a wooded escape from the sun, or a lakeview seat facing a lake, there’s a surprising number of terrific destinations for the perfect picnic across Southern Delaware.

by Bridget FitzPatrick