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Retiring in Sussex County: Towns to Consider

Sussex County, Delaware’s southernmost county, is a beacon for retirees. Its blend of coastal charm, rich history, and relaxed living makes it an ideal retirement destination. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular towns and what they offer retirees.

Lewes: The First Town in the First State

  • Benefits: A historic town, Lewes boasts pristine beaches, waterfront dining, and a rich maritime legacy. The Cape May-Lewes Ferry offers scenic rides and easy access to New Jersey.
  • Differences: Compared to other towns, Lewes offers a more historical and cultural vibe, with museums, art galleries, and walking tours.

Rehoboth Beach: The Nation’s Summer Capital


  • Benefits: Known for its vibrant boardwalk, diverse dining scene, and local boutique shops, Rehoboth Beach attracts retirees who love entertainment and socializing.
  • Differences: With a lively atmosphere in the summer, retirees here can expect a blend of relaxation and entertainment.

Millsboro: Lakeside Living

  • Benefits: Millsboro offers a tranquil setting with its freshwater lakes. It’s perfect for retirees who love fishing, boating, and water activities.
  • Differences: Being inland, Millsboro offers a break from the coastal rush while still being a short drive away from the beach.

Seaford: Riverfront Serenity

  • Benefits: Nestled along the Nanticoke River, Seaford offers retirees a peaceful environment with riverfront activities, local parks, and serene landscapes.
  • Differences: Seaford’s river-focused lifestyle sets it apart, offering opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and nature walks.

Bethany Beach: The Quiet Resort

  • Benefits: Ideal for retirees seeking a peaceful ambiance, Bethany Beach is quieter than its counterparts. Its uncrowded beaches and nature reserves make it a haven for relaxation.
  • Differences: If escaping the hustle and bustle is your aim, Bethany Beach offers a quieter pace than towns like Rehoboth.

Georgetown: The Heart of Sussex County

  • Benefits: As the county seat, Georgetown is at the heart of Sussex County. Rich in history, the town offers landmarks like The Circle, where the historic Sussex County Courthouse stands. The annual “Return Day,” a tradition post-election, is a unique event retirees can look forward to.
  • Differences: Unlike coastal towns, Georgetown has a more traditional and historic ambiance. Its centralized location provides easier access to other parts of Delaware.

Milton: The Riverside Beauty

  • Benefits: Located along the Broadkill River, Milton is known for its scenic beauty and historic homes. Its proximity to the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge offers retirees a chance to be close to nature and enjoy birdwatching and serene walks.
  • Differences: Milton offers a slower-paced life, combined with rich historical undertones. It’s a blend of riverfront living and small-town charm, slightly away from the busy coastal buzz but close enough for beach days.

Sussex County is a mosaic of unique towns, each offering its flavor of retirement life. Whether you seek historical charm, beachfront living, or lakeside tranquility, there’s a place for every retiree in this picturesque county. Before making a decision, consider visiting these towns to get a firsthand experience of their offerings.

Remember, retirement is not just about the location but also the lifestyle it offers. Choose a town that aligns with your retirement dreams and enjoy the next golden phase of your life in Sussex County.