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Buying real estate for a custom home at the Delaware Beaches

Should you purchase land before hiring a custom home builder in Delaware?

This video from Coastal Homes & Design reveals a little known fact that could save you big on your next custom home project!

Talk to the professionals at Coastal Homes & Design to get answers and a quote for your new home construction without the arduous sales pitch. 


If you’re interested in moving to Southern Delaware, you might be considering a custom home build as your next home. New Construction is hot at the beach, but a lot of people don’t want to live in cookie cutter neighborhoods, or build a home that’s a higher quality than the typical home construction companies available in Sussex County.  

Should you purchase land in Sussex County before hiring a custom home builder? The short answer is no, you should hire a custom home builder first to help you identify whether or not the land is going to meet the requirements of your new home. However, you’ll absolutely want to purchase the land sooner than later as you’ll receive tax breaks if you don’t finish construction until a year after settlement. Contact Coastal Homes & Design to get all the details on building your next custom home in Southern Delaware!

This article goes into more details about purchasing land before hiring a custom home builder >

Coastal Homes & Design is located in Lewes, Delaware:

Custom Home Builder in Lewes Delaware

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