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Fenwick Island is a resort town lying on the coast of Delaware in Sussex County. It’s a quaint little town that even has a state park named after it. Why else would you want to visit this place, though? Aside from the sea breeze and feel of nature, it’s a good place for fishing. If you’re not into that, there are also waterparks, golf, and go-karts for some family fun. There’s also cocktails and drinks among the many bars and restaurants.

But what to do if you arrive in this fabulous place and rain has come to greet you? Fret not, you can still have fun! Here are some places to visit and things to do while you wait for the rain to go away (though hopefully not another day):

Attractions/Things to Do

Zen Spa

A nice massage can be a great way to pass the time, especially if it’s raining outside, restricting your options of moving around, unless you’d like to try with an umbrella or a raincoat. But hey, great massages can make you forget about the weather (well, sort of). 

DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum

With a name that is just spot-on, this is a fascinating place that focuses on ships from various parts of history and their various artifacts. While this isn’t everyone’s preference, it can be fun if you’re into history or ships (or maybe just shiny things). 

Thunder Lagoon Park

Ok, hear us out. It’s weird to have a water park on the list of places to visit (and things to do) when it’s training. Yes, we get it. Conventional wisdom screams to stay inside and stay warm when the rain pours until the deluge stops. But hear us out.

Have you ever been to a water park (or heck, even just a swimming pool) when it’s raining? No? Well, it’s one of the things you might want to try (as long as you don’t get sick or anything from it) as the rain in this case enhances the fun (since you’re going to be wet the whole time, anyway) instead of making it harder. If this sounds interesting to you, then Thunder Lagoon Park is the place to be.

Places to Eat

What vacation or trip would be complete without delicious food to give you the energy you need to explore? You can grab a bite in these places while you’re exploring Fenwick:

Lobster Shanty

Catch 54

Just Hooked

Crabcake Factory Bayside

Places to Stay

After a fun day (or two) of exploring FI, you’ll need a place to sleep so you can recharge and do it again the next day (or maybe just head on home). Here are a few places you can check out to crash at.

Fenwick Shores, Tapestry Collection by Hilton

Just a couple of miles from Fenwick Island State Park. Aside from the (heated!) outdoor pool, you can stretch your legs and visit either Shipwreck Museum or the Fenwick Island Lighthouse, or heck, why not both? They’re just around five minutes away.

Atlantic Coast Inn

Around three minutes of walking from the border of nearby Maryland and just across from Thunder Lagoon Water Park. It even has an outdoor pool if your idea of fun is to stay and soak in the pool and relax.

Fenwick Islander Motel

In two places at once? Well, not quite, but it’s close. This lovely place is a few blocks from Ocean City while also being one block from the beach!

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