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Located in eastern Sussex County, Lewes is part of the rapidly growing Cape Region area in Delaware, the First State.

Its beaches have wonderful white sand and brilliantly clear water. It’s proximity to Cape Henlopen (the largest state park in Delaware) is also one of the reasons it’s visited by many people all throughout the year. 

Are you looking to visit this awesome place as well? Here’s the 411:

Places to Visit in Lewes 

Cannonball House

One of Lewes’ oldest structures, it’s thought to have been built in the 1800s and it an iconic landmark for the city. Aside from that, it also houses the Lewes Maritime Museum.

Lightship Overfalls

If you love ships and museums, then you’ll want to visit this place. A lightvessel (a ship that acts as a lighthouse) before its current situation, it was decommissioned after damage from a storm in 1970. It’s designated as a national historical landmark.

Cape May-Lewes Ferry

What’s so special about this ferry? Well, not much, really. What you’re after here is the trip that the ship takes from Lewes to Cape May, which normally takes a little under an hour and a half. 

This is one of the best times to view the sights from Delaware Bay, catch a glimpse of the lighthouses, harbors, and watch birds fly overhead (if you’re into that sort of thing). Or, if you’re lucky, some dolphins may even race alongside the ship as it’s crossing the water.

Zwaanendael Museum

Named after the First State’s first European settlement, Swanendael. The museum is a replica of the city hall in Hoorn, Netherlands. It’s done in amazing detail, and focuses on the history of Sussex county. 

Junction and Breakwater Trail

The longest rail trail in Delaware. 6 miles long, it lies between Lewes and the nearby city of Rehoboth Beach, on the southwest side of Cape Henlopen State Park.

Cape Henlopen State Park

The largest state park of them all, Cape Henlopen is located in southern Delaware, with tons of activities such as Camping (of course), Canoeing, Kayaking, and even golf.

Learn more about Cape Henlopen State Park here

Places to Eat

A little low on fuel? Not for your car, but for yourself? We know the feeling. Here are some places you can visit to energize yourself before continuing (or in some cases, starting) your Lewes adventure.

Bramble & Brine at The Buttery

Touch of Italy


Nectar Cafe & Juice Bar

Bethany Blues

Places to Stay in Lewes

And at the end of the Lewes adventure (at least for the day), you’ll want a place to crash so you can recover and start tomorrow fresh. Here are some places you can stay at to pass the night:

The INN At Canal Square

Savannah Inn

 Lazy L At Willow Creek Bed & Breakfast

Dogfish Inn

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: Is it true that Lewes is known as the The First Town in the First State?
Answer: Yes, and this is because it was the earliest settlement in the state of Delaware (thus the First Town bit), and Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution (making it the First State).

Question: Where are beaches 1 and 2? Are they located in Lewes?
Answer: Yes they are! Though they go by different names now, which are Savannah Beach and Johnnie Walker Beach, which might be why you might run into some trouble finding them if you’re not from Delaware. Rest assured that they’re still there, though!

Question: Does it snow in Lewes?
Answer: Yes, it does snow, with February being the “snowiest” time of the year, with the most average snowfall (the snowy period in Lewes typically lasts from late December to early March.

Question: Which places are near Lewes?
Answer: The city of Rehoboth Beach is southeast of Lewes, while the town of Milton lies to the west, and Delaware Bay borders it to the north.

Question: These are all awesome, but where can I go if I’m with my family?
Answer: While many of the items on the list are alright to go to, we’ve also got a page for a more family-oriented trip. Check it out here