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Thrift & Thrill: Date Night on a Dime

Ready to elevate your date night in Delaware? Swap the routine dinners and movies for an enthralling journey through the state’s premier thrift shops, set against the picturesque backdrop of Delaware Beaches. As you meander through aisles laden with vintage treasures and pre-loved fashion, every item becomes a conversation starter and a memory waiting to be made. From nostalgic decor to the trendy resurgence of fanny packs, prepare for an evening that’s far from ordinary. So, let the coastal breeze guide you as you dive into a shopping experience that’s more of an enchanting seaside adventure.

Fun Thrifting Games to Spice Up Your Adventure:

  • Treasure Hunt: Here’s a list of 20 unique thrift shop items along with associated point values based on rarity and uniqueness for your treasure hunt game. Remember to have fun and feel free to add your own items and tweak the game as you want:
    1. Vintage Typewriter – 50 points
      • These can be rare finds, especially if they are still in working condition.
    2. Hand-Painted Porcelain Figurine – 40 points
      • Unique, often intricate designs make these a prized find.
    3. First Edition Book – 45 points
      • A bibliophile’s dream, particularly if it’s by a well-known author.
    4. Retro Band T-shirt – 35 points
      • The older and more obscure the band, the better!
    5. Antique Tea Set – 50 points
      • Delicate and often ornate, a full set can be a rare gem.
    6. Vintage Board Game – 30 points
      • Especially if it’s still sealed or in mint condition.
    7. Vinyl Record of a One-Hit Wonder – 25 points
      • The more obscure, the better.
    8. Handmade Quilt – 40 points
      • The craftsmanship and history can make these items special.
    9. Postcard from a Defunct Attraction – 30 points
      • These offer a glimpse into a bygone era.
    10. 1950s Cocktail Dress – 45 points
      • Fashion that stands the test of time.
    11. Old Cameras (like Polaroid or Brownie) – 40 points
      • Especially if they’re in working condition.
    12. Rotary Phone – 35 points
      • A relic from a time before smartphones.
    13. Vintage Lunchbox – 30 points
      • Especially if it features a classic TV show or cartoon.
    14. Porcelain Doll with Original Clothing – 35 points
      • The more detailed, the more unique.
    15. Glass Milk Bottle from a Local Dairy – 20 points
      • A nod to times when milk was home-delivered.
    16. Antique Jewelry Box – 40 points
      • Especially if it still has its original lining.
    17. Vintage Posters or Advertisements – 30 points
      • Particularly those with retro graphics.
    18. Original 8-track Tapes – 25 points
      • A format that’s becoming rarer by the day.
    19. Antique Brass Door Knocker – 40 points
      • Especially unique if it has an intricate design.
    20. Old Magazines Featuring Historic Events – 35 points
      • Covers that capture key moments in history.

    Remember, the point values are subjective, and you can adjust them as needed based on your own observations and the specific clientele of your thrift shop. Have fun with the treasure hunt game!

  • Outfit Challenge: Set a budget (like $10) and challenge each other to come up with the most creative or ridiculous outfit within that limit.
  • Bell-bottom Jeans from the ’70s – 50 points
    • Iconic and a rare find in pristine condition.
  • Flapper Dress from the ’20s – 60 points
    • A unique treasure from the Roaring Twenties.
  • Poodle Skirt from the ’50s – 45 points
    • A symbol of the rock ‘n’ roll era.
  • Paisley Shirt from the ’60s – 35 points
    • Popularized by the hippie movement.
  • Members Only Jacket – 40 points
    • An ’80s classic.
  • Platform Shoes from the ’70s – 45 points
    • The higher the platform, the rarer the find!
  • Vintage Tuxedo with Tails – 55 points
    • A classy find from yesteryears.
  • Sequin Disco Dress from the ’70s – 50 points
    • Perfect for any Saturday Night Fever.
  • Vintage Hawaiian Aloha Shirt – 30 points
    • Especially if it has a unique print.
  • Antique Corset or Bustier – 60 points
    • From an era of intricate craftsmanship.
  • Bowling Shirt with a Name Embroidery – 35 points
    • The quirkier the name, the better!
  • Victorian Lace Blouse – 55 points
    • A delicate and elegant find.
  • Leisure Suit from the ’70s – 50 points
    • Polyester perfection!
  • Vintage Motorcycle Jacket with Patches – 45 points
    • Extra points for authentic wear and history.
  • Retro Sunglasses with Oversized Frames – 30 points
    • Think Elton John or Audrey Hepburn styles.
  • ’80s Prom Dress with Puffy Sleeves – 40 points
    • The more tulle, the more unique.
  • Converse High-Tops in a Rare Color – 35 points
    • Vintage versions can be quite the find.
  • ’90s Grunge Flannel Shirt – 30 points
    • Bonus if paired with vintage band tees.
  • Mod Mini Dress from the ’60s – 50 points
    • Bold patterns make it a standout.
  • Renaissance Faire Costume – 40 points
    • Perfect for the medieval enthusiast.
  • Find the Ugliest… : Challenge each other to find the ugliest sweater, shirt, vase, etc. The winner gets to decide the next game or challenge
  • Mystery Gift Exchange: Set a budget, separate and shop for surprise gift for the other person, and afterwards exchange gifts over dinner, coffee, or later in the date.

Top Thrift Store Stops in Rehoboth for Unforgettable Date Nights

1. God’s Way Thrift Shop

  • Overview: God’s Way Thrift is a Christian organization that primarily funds its community services by retailing a diverse range of products, including gently-used clothing, electronics, furniture, and books, among others. By seamlessly merging commerce with compassion, this organization ardently focuses on making a positive impact within the local community.
  • Highlights:
      • Variety: To begin with the biggest upside to God’s Way is the amount of variety they have, basically having everything, to furnish a house, fill a wardrobe, and even a kitchen.
      • Must-Visit: Furthermore, this thrift shop is located near the heart of Rehoboth Beach, so its a must visit if visiting the local area.
      • Learn More about God’s Way Thrift Shop >

2. American Veteran Thrift Shop – Route 1 Location

  • Overview: The American Veteran’s Thrift Store warmly invites contributions of items such as furniture, clothing, and electronics. To make your experience seamless, they offer handy pick-up services for donations, which are also tax-deductible. Whether you’re shopping or donating, you’re making a difference for our veterans and benefitting from attractive prices.
  • Highlights:
    • Unique Apparel: Within American Veteran, you can find some incredible finds, from unique t-shirts, to some funky shoes
    • Furniture: In contrast, their furniture collection boasts standout pieces, including the iconic leopard-print sofas—ideal for capturing unforgettable couple selfies.
    • Collectibles: Additionally, they offer an irresistible assortment of antique mementos and playful Americana.

3. All Saints Parish Thrift Shop

  • Overview: All Saints Parish Thrift Shop provides a harmonious blend of the sacred and the stylish. From their friendly staff to great prices All Saints Parish Thrift is another great thrift store in the local beaches area.
  • Highlights:
    • Jewelry: Among their offerings, their radiant jewelry collection could possibly be one of the largest within the thrift stores.
    • Apparel: Likewise, the apparel section boasts meticulously curated pieces with lots of t-shirts, pants, and hoodies, something for all.
    • Furniture & More: To complement your attire, their eclectic furniture range encompasses everything from suave coffee tables to whimsical dining room decor


4. The Mercantile at Milton

  • Overview: The Mercantile leans more towards being an antique shop rather than a conventional thrift store. While it tends to be on the pricier side, the experience it offers is equally enjoyable.
  • Highlights:
    • Jewelry/Antiques: Within its walls, you’ll uncover an extensive range of jewelry, antiques, and more, from vintage records to ancient Coca-Cola bottles.
    • Apparel: Fashion enthusiasts will delight in discovering unique items like sports jerseys, varsity jackets, and budget-friendly pants to suit all tastes.
    • Furniture & More: The store presents a diverse array of distinctive furniture, spanning from elegant coffee tables to delightfully quirky chairs.
    • Games & Toys: For entertainment seekers, there’s a trove of old-school games and toys, including dolls and collectible action figures, waiting to be explored.

5. New Life

  • Highlights:
    • Rare Vinyl Records: Music enthusiasts and collectors will find our vinyl record collection to be an absolute must-see highlight. Within the store can also have many electronics and fun and maybe useful gadgets.
    • Fashion Finds: Whether you’re inclined towards retro chic or contemporary style, you’re bound to stumble upon some sort of clothing that suits your style.
    • Everyday Essentials: From home decor to kitchenware, we’ve got all the essentials to elevate your daily life.
    • Budget-Friendly: Shopping at New Life Thrift Store won’t break the bank, allowing you to indulge in guilt-free retail therapy.

As your exhilarating thrift store adventure concludes, take a moment to cherish the unique treasures and everlasting memories you’ve uncovered together. This date night was filled with shared laughter, thrilling discoveries, and the joy of exploration side by side. It’s not just about the deals; it’s about the journey. As you head home with your newfound treasures, remember that love, laughter, and the thrill of discovery are the best souvenirs. Until your next adventure, happy thrifting!