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The Delaware River and Bay Authority Commission has charted a new course for the beloved Cape May-Lewes Ferry, with a refreshed fare structure launching on April 1. In an exciting turn, the ferry has reduced in-season passenger fares for children aged 6-to-13 by $1, making family adventures across the water more affordable. Jim Salmon, the Delaware River and Bay Authority’s public information officer, assures travelers that despite these changes, the core fare structure remains steadfast. “We’re holding the line on passenger fares, off-season rates, and return trip fare rates, aiming to keep the ferry a competitive option for all,” says Salmon.

But there are increases

However, the tides of change bring modest increases for other fares. In-season rates for standard-sized vehicles and motorcycles will see a slight $1 rise, with larger vehicles facing tailored increases. The shuttle service, too, will adjust with a $2 increase, ensuring the continuation of its convenient service.

A significant adjustment comes with the no-show fee, increasing from $10 to $26. This move encourages travelers to cancel or modify bookings in advance, allowing others the chance to enjoy the ferry’s offerings.

Moreover, the ferry introduces an optional Priority Boarding fee of $5 for those seeking an expedited boarding and exit process, alongside an enhanced loyalty rewards program that gifts a free passenger or driver trip after every tenth journey.

With these changes expected to generate an additional $211,000 in revenue, based on last year’s traffic data, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry is poised to continue its tradition of providing memorable and efficient crossings for all who set sail with them.