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Ready to leap into a world of un-baa-lievable fun? Welcome to Goat Joy, a whimsical fusion of yoga and, you guessed it, goats! This isn’t your average yoga class – it’s a unique experience where the joys of yoga meet the playful antics of goats.

Goat joy yoga Delaware beaches Imagine this: You’re in a serene setting, striking a yoga pose, and a friendly goat decides it’s the perfect time to hop onto your back, or nuzzle up beside you. It’s yoga like you’ve never experienced before, blending the tranquility of the practice with the sheer happiness that goats naturally bring.

Goat Joy isn’t just about getting your stretch on with these four-legged friends. It’s also an opportunity to connect with nature, embrace a slower pace of life, and experience the stress-relieving benefits of animal companionship. And let’s face it, who can resist the charm of these adorable goats?

Goat joy yoga Delaware beaches In essence, Goat Joy offers more than a workout; it’s a chance to unwind, laugh, and maybe even make a new furry friend. Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or just looking for a unique way to relax, this is an experience that’s sure to bring joy and maybe even a little goat-induced giggling. For more information and to join the fun, visit [Goat Joy](

Goat joy yoga Delaware beaches
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Goat Yoga Sessions – Enroll Today!

Here’s What to Expect:

  • Season Timing: From April until the end of October. Arrive 5-10 minutes before class begins. No early arrivals, please.
  • Location: Outdoor classes on grass. Tents available for light rain.
  • Check-in Process: Check-in with the name used for online registration. No physical tickets required. Tickets are non-refundable but transferable (notify us of any changes).
  • Solo Participants: Perfectly fine! It’s a great opportunity to socialize.
  • Yoga Level: Suitable for all, no prior experience needed.
  • Equipment: Yoga mats provided. Sessions take place in a special yoga area, not in pastures.
  • Dress Code: Wear older clothing. Goats may climb on you, so full-back T-shirts are recommended over open-back or strappy tops.
  • Age Limit: Recommended for children 10 and above, based on maturity. Children must be able to participate or remain seated. Strict no-goat-chasing policy. Younger children might prefer our Goat Socials.
  • Goats’ Behavior: They like nibbling. Bring minimal items. Secure hair and avoid loose jewelry.
  • Photography: Ample photo opportunities. Session photos available for download.
  • Post-Class Interaction: Time allotted for goat interaction and questions.
  • Goat Snacks: Don’t bring external snacks for goats.
  • Handling Goats: Wait for handling instructions. No goat chasing or flipping.
  • Sanitation: Hand sanitizer available.
  • Class Size: Limited to 25 participants.
  • Experience: Yoga, goat cuddling, and learning about these animals and agriculture.
  • Covid-19 Measures: Modifications on request. Masks optional. Participation at own risk, acknowledging Covid-19 exposure potential. You agree to waive liability claims against Goat Joy and its associates.
  • Private Events: On request, with a 10-person minimum. Includes birthdays and special events. Advance notice required for extended events or crafts for children’s parties. Check the “Private Events Tab” for availability. Sundays reserved for public events, but private booking is possible.

Join us for a unique blend of yoga and delightful goat interactions!


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